Papa Playground Recreation
Advisory Council

6839 Lansdowne Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19151

Programs @ Papa
• Arts
• Dance
• Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
• Sal After-School Program
• Senior Citizens Bingo
• Summer Camp
• Y.E.S. Program
• Youth Community Garden
• Youth Culinary Arts
• Youth Mentor Program

Sports @ Papa
• Adult Football
• OBAA51 Youth Sport Programs:
- Youth Baseball
- Youth Flag Football
- Adult/Youth Indoor&Outdoor Soccer

Citywide Clean-ups @ Papa
• Fall Into Your Park
• Martin Luther King Day
• Phila Cares about Fairmount Park
• Spring Into Your Park
• Philly Clean Sweep

Judy Kelly
Recreation Leader

Eric Kurtz
Assistant Recreation Leader

Recreation Center
Phone No:


United Way

Donor #45511

































Welcome to The Papa Playground Recreation Advisory Council Website

Take time to visit our website to see what exciting events and activities are being provided for youth and adults as well.

We ask for your continued support as we raise the quality of recreation for those who attend our center.  If you give to the United Way of Southeastern PA, we ask that you consider routing that gift to us.  We are recorded as Donor 45511.

Youth Represent Camden City
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Flag Football

Overbrook Chargers

Papa Baseball Unit Latina Soccer League


Papa Playground Recreation
Advisory Council - Mission Statement

Papa Playground Recreation Advisory Council - Mission Statement

In a spirit of cooperation and support, we set forth the following mission statement to guide the formation of a Community Advisory Council at Charles Papa Playground and Recreation Center of the Parks/Recreation Commission.  Together, we represent a spectrum of interests within the Overbrook Community, including business leaders, parents and representatives from the Overbrook Athletic Association 51, the Friends of Morris Park and the Overbrook Chargers.  Groups and individuals are always welcome to join us as we seek to create a diverse membership with representatives of many facets of the community.

A well-maintained park with active programming can serve as an anchor for a community and can greatly contribute to the overall quality of life. 

We will invest our energy in a collaborative effort to overcome obstacles and create a new vision for Papa Playground and the community.  Rather than embrace the status quo, we will embark on a plan to improve Papa’s programming and the playground itself.

            Our initial goals, the results we desire, are as follows:

• Sustaining existing programs and expansion of hours of operation
• Addition of new programs to meet community needs and increase usage
• Increased community outreach and effective two-way communication
• Improved physical plant with particular attention to health and safety issues
• Creation of a written long-range plan for the center to address maintenance,
   growth and development of the site and its programs

We see the role of the Community Advisory Council as follows…through regular meetings with Park staff we will:

• Provide input/recommendations on programming and questions of
   particular interest to the community
• Help facilitate communication with the broader community
• Provide assistance with fund-raising for specific programs or improvements
• Serve as an advocacy group for Papa Playground needs with the City structure
• Provide assistance with volunteer recruitment to support programs
• Assist with the planning process to create and implement a long-range plan